Creative Strand

First Steps...

Collect your assets into a folder with the name of your blog.

Eg: Folder in Doucuments Folder

My Blog Posts

New Folder: Todays Post

In this folder save  

  1. your copy. I recommend writing your copy offline in Word or pages. Note the formatting does not come across.
  2. Photos named and reduced file sizes saved as jpeg or Png max size 550px longest side.
  3. Copy for your excerpt, Labels for your photos, meta data and keywords.
  4. any other materials you wish to include. Eg Utuble, music links etc.

Go to your site

1:  Log in as administrator

2: Go to Blog page and click Add Post

3: Content:

This is where you type in your copy and add photos and media to create your blog.

if you type up your copy in a word processor, like word, please paste using the paste as plain text button. Not all comes across cleanly. you can then go though and bold and style to suit your wishes.

Note: for utube videos see instructions on how to.

4: URL is auto filling based on title of blog

5: Enter a location for map: optional

6: Categories: This is where you create easy to find folders for people to find information in your blogs. Like a filing cabinet with draws holding similar information in one file.  The post doesn’t have to be restricted to one category. you can create a category on the fly by typing in here and click add category button, or choose one that has already been created by selecting one or two of the checkboxes below.

7: Include in feed: leave this checked as it sends the blog off to google to distribute. 

8: Is published: indicates that the blog is online. Don't click this at this stage. Wait till finished and you have previewed your blog.

9: Start Date: This is a great option. you can pre write your blogs and have them set up to be published at a time that suits you. Just set a start date in the future and it will publish to the world at a day and time you select.

10: Allow Comments for...

11: Save you must save the file otherwise all that will will disappear forever. It will only be published if you have clicked the published button for instant upload or the time and date stated in the start date section.


This is where you give a brief overview of what the blog is about. This excerpt is sent out to the subscribers to give them an overview of the content. It is what appears on the blog page in your site. people then have the choice to read more.


Meta Description: fill in a short description of your blog here. This is for the search engines to have a preview of the content of blog.

Keywords: Are the keywords used in your blog

I always suggest that you use the words that you or a friend would type in a search engine to find your blog.

!!!!!!!!!SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!!!!!!!!!


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